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  • 1 Martin Luther University Halle/Wittenberg 4020 Halle Germany
  • 2 Kombinat VEB Chemische Werke Buna 4212 Schkopau Germany
  • 3 VEB Chemiekombinat Bitterfeld 4400 Bitterfeld Germany
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Due to the increasing importance of quantified results of dynamic calorimetric measurements, the influence of single experimental parameters has been studied by some authors. We found that these results can be represented correctly only in a complex form. According to this experience, the experimental parameters were changed on the basis of statistically planned experiments. The numerous measurements were carried out with samples of indium, 1,3-dinitrobenze and polyethylene prepared in different ways. The results were evaluated in a complex form. The evaluation of the experimental data revealed a significant influence of the substance properties and the experimental parameters.