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  • 1 IBM Corporation 13760 Endicott NY USA
  • 2 Department of Chemistry University Center at Binghamton, State University of New York 13901 Binghamton NY USA
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Two Pd-imidazole complexes have been synthesized following the reaction of PdCl2 and imidazole at 1∶2 and 1∶4 metal∶ ligand ratios. Elemental and thermogravimetric analytical data obtained from these compounds illustrate that they have the formulae Pd(IMDAH)2Cl2 · 4H2O and Pd(IMDAH)3Cl2 (IMDAH = imidazole), respectively. The mechanism of thermal decomposition for these complexes in air involves initial dissociation of H2O and IMDAH ligands in the 120–340 °C range, subsequent dissociation of the chloride atoms to form PdO in the 530–570 °C range, and finally formation of Pd metal at 820–840 °C.