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  • 1 Institute of Organic Chemistry Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 1040 Sofia Bulgaria
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A method for comparing the thermochemical properties of high- boiling fractions and residues has been developed. The thermal effects vary in intensity and range, depending on the fractional and structure group compositions of the studied samples. Good agreement between DTA and TG data is observed. The thermal analysis of samples, obtained by liquid adsorption chromatography, reveals the specific differences of the individual structure group fractions in the processes of evaporation, thermal decomposition and coke formation. The observed effects are interpreted from the point of view of the different thermal stabilities and reactivities of the compounds contained in the Chromatographic fractions. The results show that the TG-DTA method allows the quick determination of some characteristics depending on the group compositions of the high-boiling fractions and residues from West Siberian crude oiL.