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  • 1 Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche Dell' Universita' di Cagliari Via Ospedale 72 09124 Cagliari Italy
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Interaction between 1-methylnaphthalene and alkali-metal X and Y zeolites has been investigated using TPD. All spectra show only a single peak, the temperature of which changes with the nature and amount of the alkali-metal cation and the Si/Al ratio of the faujasite. A correlation between peak temperature and average charge of structural oxygen atoms of the zeolite is shown. On the basis of the atomic charge distribution in the 1-methylnaphthalene molecule, it is, suggested that adsorption is initiated by interaction between the alkali-metal cation and the carbon atom of the methyl group. Simultaneously, an interaction involving hydrogens atoms of the aromatic rings and structural oxygen atoms of the zeolite occurs, except for X samples containing high amounts of large alkali-metal cations.

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