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  • 1 Department de Chìmiè, Faculte des Sciences, Campus Universitaire, 1060 Tunis, Tunisie
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(K−Na)NO3 and (K−Cs)NO3 phase diagrams were drawn using a simultaneous thermal analysis technique in the range 373 to 623 K. The first phase diagram shows a minimum freezing equimolar mixture at 494 K, a continuous solid solution in equilibrum with liquid phase and an eutectic mixture (88 molar % of KNO3) at 380 K. The second one exhibits an invariant at 400 K corresponding to the KNO3 solid-solid transition, an eutectoid mixture at 10 molar % of KNO3 and 418 K involving the CsNO3 solid-solid transition and an eutectic mixture at 60 molar % of KNO3 and 495 K.