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  • 1 UPR 8241 liée par conventions à l’Université Paul Sabatier et á l’institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse Laboratoire de Chmie de Coordination du CNRS 205 Route de Narbonne 31077 Toulouse Cedex France
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Profiles of temperature programmed reduction (TPR) of V2O5 under H2 have been studied through water analysis. This new approach enhances the sensitivity of the method. The influence of experimental parameters on the temperature corresponding to the maximum reduction rate,Tm, has been studied. The hydrogen concentration and heating rate are the two major factors that influenceTm. In our method, the amount of solid and the flow rate are also important factors in monitoring of profile distortions attributed to water condensation at the outlet of the reactor. An approach of the mechanism of reduction of V2O5 has been carried out. The best kinetic model which describes the reduction rocess is the Avrami-Erofeev tridimensional nucleation model.