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  • 1 Universität Leipzig Fachbereich Physik Linné str. 5 04103 Leipzig Germany
  • | 2 Fh-E-IKTS Dresden Weinbergstr. 28 01129 Dresden Germany
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We propose a reaction model for the synthesis of YBa2Cu4O8 under normal pressure conditions, which contains 4 partial reaction steps. In a first step bariumnitrate and copperoxide react to Ba2Cu3O5+δ. This substance will be formed for each mixtures Ba:Cu=2∶3...3∶2. The following two partial reaction steps are connected to Ba2Cu3O5+δ, which reacts with Y2O3 and CuO to YBa2Cu4O8 or decomposes to BaCuO2 and CuO. In a last step parts of BaCuO2 reacts with Y2O3 and CuO to YBa2Cu4O8.