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  • 1 Helsinki University of Technology Laboratory of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry FIN-02150 Espoo Finland
  • | 2 Technical University of Budapest Institute for General and Analytical Chemistry H-1521 Budapest Hungary
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Four sulphato and nitrato complexes of cerium(IV),viz. (NH4)4Ce(SO4)4·2H2O (1), (NH4)2Ce(SO4)3 (2), (NH4)2Ce(NO3)6 (3) and Cs2Ce(NO3)6 (4) were studied by simultaneous TG/DTA under various experimental conditions in order to establish their decomposition mechanism and to compare the results with the literature data which have been reviewed. In the case of the ammonium compounds (1, 2 and3) the decompositions are accompanied by changes in the oxidation state of cerium; the presence of Ce(III) and Ce(IV) were studied byex situ magnetic susceptibility and XPS measurements. The crystal structure of (1) was determined as well. It forms monoclinic crystals with space groupP21/c; the parameters of the unit cell are:a=12.638(18) Å,b=11.362(10) Å,c=13.607(11) Å, β=110.17(9)°,V=1834.05 Å3.