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  • 1 King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals The Research Institute 31261 Dhahran Saudi Arabia
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Confirmations of the successful synthesis of a particular zeolite demand investigation of the crystals by XRD, SEM, MAS-NMR and chemical analysis. In this work, we have used the DTA exothermic lattice breakdown of theA-zeolite, which gives typical peaks at around 900–1200°C for characterization. The effects ofpH, concentration, time of crystallization and temperature were studied and it was quickly and easily possible to distinguishA-zeolite formation from others originating from the synthesis matrix under different conditions by using DTA/TG analyses. The parameters were optimized for the synthesis of the zeolite and DTA measurements yielded enough information to identify theA-zeolite; this was confirmed by XRD and SEM.