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  • 1 Babha Atomic Research Centre Metallurgy Division 400 085 Bombay India 400 085 Bombay India
  • 2 Defence Metallurgical Laboratory Mechanical Forging Group 500 258 Hyderabad India 500 258 Hyderabad India
  • 3 Indian Institute of Technology School of Materials Science 400 076 Bombay India 400 076 Bombay India
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Amorphous to crystalline transformation in Cu60Ti40 alloy has been studied under conditions of constant heating rate experiments, using XRD and DSC. In the high temperature XRD experiment, the transformation has been monitored continuously as the integrated X-ray intensity corresponding to a chosen reflection from one of the two crystalline products forming at close by temperatures. Differentiation of the curve thus obtained gives the transformation rate curve which passes through a maximum. From the peak shift with heating rate, the activation energy for the formation of Cu3Ti2 crystalline phase has been obtained. The results have been compared with those obtained by DSC.