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  • 1 Technical University (formerly Polytechnic Institute) Chemistry Laboratory, Department of Materials Science Cluj-Napoca Romania Cluj-Napoca Romania
  • 2 Roumanian Academy Institute of Physical Chemistry Bucharest Romania Bucharest Romania
  • 3 Babes-Bolyai University Chemistry Department Cluj-Napoca Romania Cluj-Napoca Romania
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The paper reports a new, nonconventional method for the preparation of oxygen-containing niobium compounds, based upon coprecipitation. The coprecipitation product of niobic acid with lead oxalate was used as precursor. Lead metaniobate was obtained by proper thermal treatment of the coprecipitate. The coprecipitate mechanism was studied and the optimal conditions for quantitative precipitation of niobium and lead were established. The mechanism of thermal decomposition of the coprecipitate was investigated by differential thermal analysis and X-ray powder diagrams. The final product of thermal decomposition, lead metaniobate, is formed at 850C.

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