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  • 1 Regional Research Laboratory Bhubaneswar Orissa India Bhubaneswar Orissa India
  • 2 Regional Engineering College Rourkela Orissa India Rourkela Orissa India
  • 3 Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology Sarang Orissa India Sarang Orissa India
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Differential thermal analysis has been used for quantitative determination of heats of aluminothermic redox reaction of MnO2 and V2O5 over a wide range of temperatures. Heat of reaction V2O5−Al and MnO2−Al systems have been determined using the calibration plot established. The experimentally determined values compare well with those predicted from thermodynamic data available in the literature. It has been found that V2O5−Al system involves a higher heat of reaction in comparison to the MnO2−Al system.