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The stability of Supersulphated Cement (SSC) is investigated at 95°C when subjected to relative humidities of 100, 53 and 11% of water vapour. Previously [1] investigations at 25, 50, 75°C under the same conditions of humidity reported the stability of ettringite, one of the initial hydration products. At 95°C, decomposition of ettringite, is found at all humidities and is rapid at 100% relative humidity. The hydration products of cement pastes at a water cement ratio of 0.27 were determined by thermogravimetry (TG) and X-ray diffraction (XRD). The formation of the hydragarnet, plazolite is recorded during the decomposition/dehydration process enhanced by possible carbonation. Rehydration studies on the products after storage for up to 9 months were carried out using distilled water and the samples tested for ettringite content. It is concluded that ettringite in SSC is inherently unstable at 95°C.

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