Author: T. Karwan 1
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  • 1 University of Mining & Metallurgy Department of Non-Ferrous Metals Metallurgy Al. Mickiewicza 30 30-059 Cracow Poland
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The process of sintering oxidation of zinc and lead sulfide concentrates is discussed. The process product is Zn−Pb sinter, the main metal-bearing ingredient for the ISP shaft furnace. Zn−Pb concentrates contain three principal metal sulfides: ZnS, PbS and FeS2, of which ZnS plays the main role in forming the Zn−Pb sinter structure. It was decided to investigate the formation of ZnO crystallites. Zn−Pb sinters obtained on a D-L sinter belt (operating temperature 1250–1350°C) were subjected to SEM observations with simultaneous micro-X-ray analysis of sites chosen in the field under observation; ZnO crystallites formed as a result of the oxidation of ZnS have a typical dendrite structure leading to the formation of ‘sinter networks’; their structure is illustrated by SEM microphotographs.

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