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  • 1 Osaka University Department of Chemistry and Microcalorimetry Research Center, Faculty of Science 560 Toyonaka, Osaka Japan
  • 2 Kinki University Research Institute for Science and Technology Kowakae 577 Higashi-Osaka Japan
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Amorphous solid of tri-O-methyl-β-cyclodextrin was produced by grinding its crystalline sample with a rod-milling machine at room temeprature. Structural and thermal characterizations of the sample during amorphizing process were done by X-ray powder diffraction and differential scanning calorimeter. The glass transition for a fully amorphized sample was found to occur at essentially the same temperature as that for a liquid-quenched glass. The heat capacities of the non-crystalline solids realized by grinding and liquid quenching and of the crystalline solid were measured by a low temperature adiabatic calorimeter. Excess enthalpies of the ground amorphous solid and liquid quenched glass over that of the hypothetical equilibrium liquid were determined calorimetrically. Similar and dissimilar thermal behavior of both non-crystalline solids were compared.

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