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  • 1 Department of Chemistry National Tsing-Hua University 30043 Hsinchu Taiwan, Republic of China
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A graphic method is proposed to determine all of the kinetic parameters in Wigner-Polanyi equation of desorption. A desorption rate curve from a single temperature-programmed desorption experiment is required by this method to determine the order of reaction (n), the activation energy (Ed) and the pre-exponential factor (v) of the equation. The proposed method has been applied to the oxygen desorption from PdO/Al2O3 samples prepared by impregnating γ-Al2O3 with H2PdCl4 solution used as examples. From the graphic method, the values ofn=2, andv=1.37±0.80×109 s−1 were successfully determined for the desorption. The value ofEd depended on the dispersion of palladium (D) on PdO/Al2O3 samples, and was expressed by the equation:Ed=175+174D kJ·mol−1. This graphic method is a direct and time-saving technique, on comparing with other methods suggested in the literature, for analysis of data from temperature-programmed desorption of simple desorption processes.

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