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  • 1 Department of Applied Chemical and Physical Sciences Napier University EH10 5DT Edinburgh Scotland
  • 2 Thermoanalytical Research Group, Department of Inorganic Chemistry Technical University of Budapest H-1521 Hungary
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The preparation and some properties of complexes ofp-tolylacetic acid with cobalt, nickel and copper are described. Magnetic measurements, electronic and far infrared spectra show that the metal complexes have octahedral structures. Infrared spectra indicate that coordination takes place through the carboxyl group to the metal ions and that the water molecule in each of the complexes is present as water of crystallisation. Thermogravimetry studies also show that the water molecules in each of the complexes do not form a coordinate bond with the metal ion. Differential thermal analysis show that the dehydration processes are accompanied by endothermic reactions. In each case the anhydrous metal complex undergoes an exothermic reaction to give the metal oxide.