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  • 1 Faculty of Chemistry Belgrade University P. O. Box 550 11001 Belgrade Yugoslavia
  • 2 Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences University of Novi Sad, FRJM Yugoslavia
  • 3 Faculty of Sciences University of Skopje, FRJM Yugoslavia
  • 4 Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy University of Skopje, FRJM Yugoslavia
  • 5 Faculty of Physical Chemistry Belgrade University Yugoslavia
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Several new complexes of dioxomolybdenum(VI) of the general formula [MoO2(L)S], whereL is the dianion of salicylaldehydep-hydroxybenzoylhydrazone andS denotes H2O, MeOH, py, PPh3, DMSO or DMF, were synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, electronic UV-VIS and IR spectra, thermal analysis, molar conductivity and magnetic susceptibility measurements. Salicylaldehydep-hydroxybenzoylhydrazone participates in the coordination as a tridentate ligand with the ONO set of donor atoms. The complexes contain acis-MoO2 group and are of octahedral geometry. Complexes of the MoO2L type were also prepared by synthesis in CHCl3 solution and by isothermal heating of [MoO2(L)S] complexes. The MoO2L complex synthesized in CHCl3 solution has most probably a pentacoordinated structure while the complex obtained by isothermal heating of [MoO2(L)S] has a polymeric hexacoordinated structure.