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  • 1 Dipartimento di Agrobiologia e Agrochimica Università della Tuscia 01100 Viterbo
  • 2 Dipartimento di Chimica Università ‘La Sapienza’ 00185 Roma Italy
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The reactions of diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid (DTPA=H5L) or chromium(III)-DTPA, a ‘chelating agent’, with oxovanadium(IV) were investigated in aqueous solution by potentiometric methods. Homo- and hetero-binuclear species were evidenced as well as mixed complexes with hydrogen or hydroxide ions. The stability constants for these equilibria were calculated in 1.0 mol 1−1 NaClO4 solution at 20‡C. The mononuclear (VO)H3L·H2O and the heterobinuclear (VO)CrL·5H2O complexes were also obtained as solid compounds and were characterized by IR spectroscopy and thermoanalytical techniques (TG and DSC).