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  • 1 Departamento de Química/CCEN/UFPB, 58059-900 João Pessoa, Paraíba, CEP, Brazil
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A study was made of the thermal behavior of the starting materials, their mixtures and the resulting mebendazole tablets. The thermal curves were obtained with a Shimadzu thermobalance, model TGA-50, using an air flow of 50 mL min−1 and a heating rate of 10°C min−1 in the temperature interval 30–900°C. The reaction constant velocities for the mebendazole salt and tablets were determined isothermally, using the Arrhenius expression. The thermal stability of mebendazole tablets is lower than that of the mebendazole salt, due to the presence of starch and lactose in the composition. Analysis of the data reveals that thermogravimetry is a powerful tool in pharmaceutical technology and quality control.

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