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  • 1 Facultad de Ciencias Fisicas y Matemáticas, Instituto de Investigaciones y Ensayes de Materiales (IDIEM), Casilla, Universidad de Chile, 1420 Santiago, Chile
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A model is proposed to describe the kinetics of solute segregation to partial dislocations in solid solutions of cold-rolled alloys. The case when half edge and half screw dislocations are present is considered. The model gives account of the kinetic behaviour observed in a deformed Cu-19 at% Al alloy where two unknown processes could be assessed during calorimetric isothermal experiments. The faster process corresponds to segregation to screw dissociated dislocations while the slower one corresponds to segregation to edge dissociated dislocations. Experimental activation energies, larger for edge dislocations, are close to that for pipe diffusion along the partials corrected by pinner binding energy terms. It is also predicted that segregation occurs faster as the dislocation density is increased. A quantitative comparison of experimental results with model predictions is given.