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  • 1 Grupo de Polímeros USB, Departamento de Ciencia de los Materiales, Univesidad Simón Bolívar, Apartado 89000, 1080-A Caracas, Venezuela
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Bisphenol-A polycarbonate (BAPC) was crystallised by exposure to acetone vapours for a period of 9 h; it developed a 20% crystallinity according to WAXS measurements. The samples of semi-crystalline BAPC were then submitted to a series of thermal treatments including annealing, self-nucleation and subsequent isothermal crystallizations. The results showed that the polymer possesses a remarkable crystalline memory and a much faster recrystallization and reorganization capacity (lamellar thickening) than its very low thermal crystallization rate. This peculiar crystallization behaviour probably stems from its rigid backbone molecular structure.