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  • 1 Laboratoire de Thermodynamique Chimique et Appliquée, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Industries Chimiques, Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine 1, rue Grandville, B.P. 451, F-54001 Nancy Cedex, France
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Differential enthalpy analyses were performed on the binaryn-alkane systemn-C24H50-n-C26H54 with a Setaram DSC111 calorimeter of Tian Calvet type. The measurements provided enthalpy data from 260 to 260 K onn-tetracosane,n-hexacosane and 19 binary mixtures. An analytical expression, derived from the Einstein model, is proposed for every pure phase in its temperature domain, to represent the variation in the enthalpy with temperature. A general expression for the enthalpy as a function of temperature and composition is also given.