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  • 1 Moscow State University Department of Chemistry 199234 Moscow Russia 199234 Moscow Russia
  • 2 Nuclear Research Institute CZ-25068 Řež Czech Republic CZ-25068 Řež Czech Republic
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In the Emanation Thermal Analysis the release of inert gas atoms previously incorporated in the sample is measured. Results of the statistical modelling of the inert gas release during thermal decomposition of solids are presented. The updated model supposing three components in the solid-state reaction system including the formation of an intermediate metastable component on the surface of the newly formed component was proposed for the modelling of the ETA curves. The release of inert gas atoms previously incorporated into the sample is used as a probe of microstructure changes. The random nucleation mechanism was considered in the modelling. The model can be used in modelling ETA curves of solid-solid, solid-gas and solid-liquid interactions where the existence of metastable intermediate component is supposed.