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  • 1 Suzhou University Testing and Analysis Centre Suzhou Jiangsu 215006 Suzhou Jiangsu 215006
  • | 2 Zhenjiang, Teachers' College Department of Chemistry Zhenjiang, Jiangsu 212003 P. R. China Zhenjiang, Jiangsu 212003 P. R. China
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Thermal behaviour of tri(O,O'-diisopropyldithiophosphate)cobalt(III), Co(dptp)3 and bis (O,O'-diethyldithiophosphate)nickel(II), Ni(detp)2 and its adducts with pyridine, Ni(detp)2(py)2 or 4-methylpyridine, Ni(detp)(mpy)2 in a dynamic nitrogen atmosphere was investigated by TG-DTG and DSC techniques, which showed a medium endothermic peak for the evolution process of pyridine(or 4-methylpyridine) and a strong exothermic peak for that of O,O'-diethyldithiophosphate. The thermal stability and decomposition patterns for these compounds were compared and interpreted in terms of structural features such as bond character and steric effects. The kinetic parameters and mechanisms of every decomposition stage involved for all these complexes were obtained employing the non-isothermal kinetic analysis method suggested by Malek et al., which showed the kinetics mechanism for pyrolysis of pyridine(or 4-methylpyridine) is an S-B empirical model with lower activation energy, while that of O,O'-dialkyldithiophosphate is a diffusion model. These results are in accord with the fact that two ligands are of different type.

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