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  • 1 University of Leicester Department of Chemistry Leicester LE1 7RH England Leicester LE1 7RH England
  • 2 University of Groningen Nijenborgh 4 Department of Organic & Molecular Inorganic Chemistry 9747 AG Groningen The Netherlands 9747 AG Groningen The Netherlands
  • 3 University of Łódż Department of Physical Chemistry Pomorska 18 91-416 Łódż Poland Pomorska 18 91-416 Łódż Poland
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The gel to liquid-crystal transition for vesicles in aqueous solution formed by dimethyldi-n-octadecylammonium bromide (DOAB) occurs at 44.7C. Moreover, the shapes of the scans recorded by a sensitive DSC microcalorimeter are very similar when the vesicular solutions are prepared starting with solid DOAB and comparable amounts of either solid urea or solid alkylureas. Therefore, the DOAB vesicles in aqueous solution accommodate this class of solutes without marked changes in the melting temperature and the enthalpy of the transition. The contrast with effects of added surfactants and simple organic solutes such as THF and ethanol is particularly significant.