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  • 1 National Academy of Sciences Institute of Surface Chemistry 31 Prospect Nauki 252022 Kiev Ukraine 31 Prospect Nauki 252022 Kiev Ukraine
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The condensation approximation (CA) and numerical regularization procedure (RP) methods used to solve a Fredholm integral equation of the first kind describing the adsorption equilibria on a heterogeneous solid surface under isothermal conditions have been adopted in the present study to evaluate desorption energy distributions from temperature-programmed desorption (TPD) spectra. From comparisons of the computational results obtained by means of these methods on the basis of simulated TPD spectra, it follows that the CA gives stable solutions for wide desorption energy distributions and it can be used successfully for calculations from wide and clear resolved peaks in the TPD spectra. The use of the RP is more advantageous for acquisition of the distributions from closely related narrow peaks in the TPD spectra.