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  • 1 University of Gent Polymer Materials Research Group Krijgslaan 281 (S-4) B-9000 Gent Belgium Krijgslaan 281 (S-4) B-9000 Gent Belgium
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The soft segment crystallinity and morphology of poly(ester-urethanes) (PEUs) based on poly(&-caprolactone) (PCL) as a soft segment and an aliphatic diisocyanate in the hard segment were studied. It was found that the restriction of the crystallization of the PCL soft segment depends on the hard segment concentration, the length of the soft segment, and the total molecular mass of the PEUs. The PEU based on a low molecular mass PCL (M=2000) is an amorphous elastic material during a long time after casting from solution or after melt crystallization. A soft-hard segment endothermal mixing transition (Tmix) of about 70-80C is observed in the DSC curves of this PEU sample.