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  • 1 Northwest University, Xian Department of Chemistry 710069 Shaanxi P. R. China 710069 Shaanxi P. R. China
  • | 2 Xian Modern Chemistry Research Institute, Xian 710065 Shaanxi P. R. China 710065 Shaanxi P. R. China
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The thermal decomposition behaviour of the complexes of rare earth metals with histidine: RE(His)(NO3)3H2O (RE=La—Nd, Sm—Lu and Y; His=histidine) was investigated by means of TG-DTG techniques. The results indicated that the thermal decomposition processes of the complexes can be divided into three steps. The first step is the loss of crystal water molecules or part of the histidine molecules from the complexes. The second step is the formation of alkaline salts or mixtures of nitrates with alkaline salts after the histidine has been completely lost from the complexes. The third step is the formation of oxides or mixtures of oxides with alkaline salts. The results relating to the three steps indicate that the stabilities of the complexes increase from La to Lu.

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