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  • 1 University of London Chemistry Department, Birkbeck College 20 Gordon St. London WC1H OAJ United Kingdom 20 Gordon St. London WC1H OAJ United Kingdom
  • | 2 Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi – Konservatorskolen Esplanaden 34 1263 KØbenhaven Denmark 1263 KØbenhaven Denmark
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A description is given how the dielectric coaxial technique measuring in the microwave region has been used for monitoring drying processes in leather samples. It is also shown how the coupling of this technique together with dynamic mechanical analysis enables the simultaneous recording of changes inthe dielectric properties, related to the moisture content of the material, together with the mechanical properties as a function of time or temperature. The samples studied include unaged and artificially aged goat and calf leathers. Measurements using the dynamic mechanical analyser are presented over a range of temperature which includes the shrinkage temperature. During the drying process, values of mechanical modulus or displacement and dielectric permittivity are recorded as a function of time or temperature which includes the temperature range of leather shrinkage, and from previous research report of Larsen [1] this has been associated with the chemical state of the leather samples.