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  • 1 Sakarya University Department of Chemistry, Science and Arts Faculty 54100 Serdivan Sakarya Turkey 54100 Serdivan Sakarya Turkey
  • 2 Sakarya University Department of Metallurgy, Engineering Faculty 54040 Esentepe Campus Turkey 54040 Esentepe Campus Turkey
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An investigation was carried out on the kinetics of thermal decomposition of plumbo-jarosite. The kinetic models of dissociation of the compounds in the ore were identified. The results of the kinetic studies and the mechanism of the process are discussed. The thermal decomposition of plumbo-jarosite occurs in three stages: the first up to 763, the second up to 1023 and the third up to 1223 K, the corresponding activation energy values being 62.2, 60.3 and 98.0 kJ mol–1 , respectively.