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  • 1 Warsaw University of Technology Institute of Chemistry Płock Poland Płock Poland
  • 2 Warsaw University of Technology Institute of Construction Engineering Płock Poland Płock Poland
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The influence of spent catalyst from catalytic cracking in fluidized bed on the hydration process of cement and the properties of cement mortars were studied. The spent catalyst was used as an additive to cement in the mortars (10 and 20% of cement). The samples of mortars kept in water for28 days, then they were placed in sulfate and chloride media for 2 months (the control samples were kept in water for 3 months). After this time they were subjected to bending strength and compressive strength determinations. Thermogravimetric and infrared absorption studies were performed and capillary elevation, capability of binding heavy metals, and changes in mass and apparent density were determined too. The studies disclosed the pozzolana nature of spent catalyst and its influence on cement mortars being in contact with corrosive media.

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