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  • 1 Sichuan University Department of Chemistry Chengdu 610064 P. R. China Chengdu 610064 P. R. China
  • 2 Zigong Teachers College Department of Chemistry Zigong 634000 P.R. China Zigong 634000 P.R. China
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A novel thermokinetic research method for determination of the rate constant of a reaction taking place in a batch conduction calorimeter under isothermal conditions is proposed: the double-thermoanalytical curve method. The method needs only the characteristic time parameter tm, the peak height Δm at time tm and the peak area a*m after time tm for two thermoanalytical curves measured with different initial concentrations of the reactants: it conveniently calculates the rate constants. The thermokinetics of four reaction systems were studied with this method, and its validity was verified by the experimental results.