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Recently, model free kinetic analysis of sinusoidal modulated TG-curves has been presented. In this contribution we compare the activation energies resulting from model free analysis of modulated TG-curves and from Vyazovkin's model free kinetic analysis of non-modulated TG-curves. We used polytetrafluorethylene and manganese oxide as samples. As a result we find, that both methods deliver similar activation energies for polytetrafluorethylene. However, the activation energies of manganese oxide deviate substantially. The main purpose of kinetic analysis is its potential for predictions of the temporal behavior of materials under certain thermal conditions. Analysis of modulated TG-curves allows a model free determination of the temperature dependence of the activation energy. However, in order to make predictions, one still has to rely on kinetic models such as e.g. first order kinetics. This is in contrast to Vyazovkin's approach, which allows a model free description of kinetic processes in terms of a conversion dependent activation energy. This function can then be used to make kinetic predictions without any further assumptions with respect to reaction models. In this paper we further discuss this fundamental difference.

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