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  • 1 National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Institute of Surface Chemistry General Naumov 17 03164 Kyiv Ukraine General Naumov 17 03164 Kyiv Ukraine
  • | 2 National University ‘Kyiv Polytechnic Institute’ Interbranch Research Institute ‘Rhythm’ Pr. Pobedy 37 03056 Kyiv Ukraine Pr. Pobedy 37 03056 Kyiv Ukraine
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In the present paper the effect of the thermoexfoliated graphite (EG) content (0–0.310 parts by volume), constituent mixing conditions (a paddle mixer or a disk-and-screw extruder), annealing and aging on thermodestruction processes of polypropylene (PP)/exfoliated graphite composite materials (CM) by means differential thermal analysis and the thermogravimetric method have been investigated. The studies have shown that thermodestruction processes in CM based on PP and EG ran in air for expense of PP thermodestruction. The characteristics of thermodestruction in CM essentially depend on a regime of making and concentration of components. It is established that processes leading to the formation of less perfect crystalline structures or causing amorphization of PP (including formation of continuous space structures from EG particles, cluster traps) advances thermodestruction. The increase in crystallinity extent of PP favors to the decrease in thermodestruction processes.

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