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  • 1 Sichuan University Department of Chemistry Chengdu 610064 P. R. China Chengdu 610064 P. R. China
  • 2 Logistical Engineering University Department of Applied Oil Engineering Chongqing 400016 P. R. China Chongqing 400016 P. R. China
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In order to enrich the thermokinetic research methods and enlarge the applicable range of the thermokinetic time-parameter method, the integral and differential thermokinetic equations of consecutive first-order reaction have been deduced, and the mathematical models of the time-parameter method for consecutive first-order reactions have been proposed in this paper. The rate constants of two steps can be calculated from the same thermoanalytical curve measured in a batch conduction calorimeter simultaneously with this method. The thermokinetics of saponifications of diester in aqueoushanol solvent has been studied. The experimental results indicate that the time-parameter method for the consecutive first-order reaction is correct.