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  • 1 Tallinn Technical University Ehitajate tee 5 19086 Tallinn Estonia
  • 2 AS BimKemi Eesti Akadeemia tee 21 G 12618 Tallinn Estonia
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Microcalorimetry was used for monitoring anaerobic digestion processes of heavily polluted industrial waste waters (from cheese industry, distilleries, yeast plant). Interpreting the thermal power-time curves by HPLC, some sub-processes in batch cultures were tentatively identified as acidogenic, acetogenic and methanogenic. Processes underlying power-time curves up to 10 h were different for different wastes. In the case of cheese whey and distillery waste it was acidogenesis, in the case of sulfate containing waste - presumably reduction of sulfates. The effect of Biotreat 100 (BimKemi Eesti Ltd.), a preparation for removing H2S from waste water, was observed for these processes.