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  • 2 University of Pécs Biophysical Department, Faculty of Medicine H-7624 Pécs Szigeti str. 12 Hungary H-7624 Pécs Szigeti str. 12 Hungary
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The osteoporosis is regarded as a widespread disease all over the world. In the prevention therapy of this disease there is a primary role of the daily calcium intake with the proper Ca:P ratio (1:1–1:2). The primary source of Ca for people the dairy products are implied, from which only the processed cheeses have inadequate ratio of Ca:P. In cheeses processed without peptization developed in the Hungarian Dairy Research Institute (HDRI) the Ca:P ratio meets the requirements (1.5:1), moreover these products can be enriched with Ca. In this study we used both processing technologies. The electronmicroscopic photographs demonstrate the differences clearly. The traditionally processed cheese (with peptization) has a 'spongy’ structure well known from literature, while a space-net can be seen resulting from the casein-filamentous hydrocolloid interaction in the structure of heat-treated cheese without peptization. DSC curves are the same in the temperature range 0–40C, showing endotherm melting process in two well-distinguished temperature interval (0–20 and 22–40C). They are different in the temperature interval 40–100C: in the case of processed cheese with peptization the gel-sol transformation gives a higher endotherm peak in a narrow temperature range, while for heat-treated cheese without peptization this temperature range is wider with a lower endotherm peak. Both electronmicroscopic and DSC investigations have proved that contrary to the traditionally processed cheese where the structure is formed by the linked peptized protein, in the heat- processed cheese without peptization the frame-forming element is the huge hydrocolloid molecule interacted with the protein. The enthalpy change is substantially lower at the disintegration of the latter structure.

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