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  • 1 Romanian Academy Institute of Physical Chemistry 202 Spl. Independentei 77208 Bucharest Romania 202 Spl. Independentei 77208 Bucharest Romania
  • 2 Budapest University of Technology and Economics Institute of General and Analytical Chemistry Szt. Gellért tér 4 1521 Budapest Hungary Szt. Gellért tér 4 1521 Budapest Hungary
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It is well known that SiO2 -based inorganic-organic hybrid materials present significant differences due to the organic moieties bound to the inorganic network and to the preparation conditions. In the present work the ageing effect on the thermal stability of the SiO2 -based inorganic-organic hybrid materials prepared using tetraethoxysilan (TEOS), triethoxymethylsilan (MTEOS), triethoxyvinylsilan (VTEOS), tetramethoxysilan (TMOS), trimethoxymethylsilan (MTMOS) and trimethoxyvinylsilan (VTMOS) was studied. TG/DTA-MS was used to study the decomposition process of the materials. The structural modifications of the materials during ageing were studied using spectral methods. The gels obtained starting with more reactive alkoxides, of methoxy-type, present more complex structures and are less stable during ageing.

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