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Tin(II) complexes with 8-hydroxyquinolinate in solid state have been obtained by adding aqueous ammonium to a solution containing stannous chloride and 8-hydroxiquinoline in medium of HCl and acetone up to pH 5 and 9, respectively. The products obtained show the same composition, Sn(C9H6ON)2; however there are some differences regarding both the thermal behaviour in an oxidant atmosphere and morphology. These products were characterised by elemental and complexometric analysis, TG and DTA curves, infrared and X-ray diffractometry. TG curves show, above 448 K, the partial oxidation on air atmosphere of Sn(II) complexes to Sn(IV) complexes, SnO(C9H6ON)2. This behaviour does not depend only on pH in which the compounds were obtained but also on the heating rate in TG curves. Sn(II) complexes volatilise almost completely on nitrogen atmosphere and partially on air atmosphere depending on the oxidation degree of the compound.

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