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  • 1 Dalian University of Technology Department of Materials Engineering Dalian 116024 P.R. China Dalian 116024 P.R. China
  • | 2 Dalian Maritime University Institute of Metal and Technology Dalian 116026 P.R. China Dalian 116026 P.R. China
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The critical furnace chamber temperature (Tign) of the thermal explosion synthesis reaction Ti+3Al→TiAl3 is studied by isothermal and non-isothermal DSC. The reaction product is characterized by using the X-ray powder diffraction. The value of Tign is between 740 and 745C obtained from the isothermal DSC observations, and 729C obtained from non-isothermal DSC curves. It shows that these two values have a good consistency. With the help of the apparent activation energy of the reaction obtained by Friedman method and the value of Tign0 by the multiple linear regression of the Tigns at different heating rates (β), the critical temperature (Tb) of thermal explosion for Ti–75at%Al mixture is estimated to be 785C.