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  • 1 P. J. Šafárik University Department of Inorganic Chemistry Moyzesova 11 041 54 Košice Slovak Republic Moyzesova 11 041 54 Košice Slovak Republic
  • 2 Cairo University Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science Giza, A. R. Egypt Giza, A. R. Egypt
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Four new complex compounds were prepared by the reaction of zinc bromobutyrate and organic ligands. The general formula of the synthetized complex compounds are (2-Brbut)2ZnL and (4-Brbut)2ZnL2nH2O (but=butyrate, L=theobromine (tbr), theophylline (tph), methyl-3-pyridyl carbamate (mpc), n=0-1). The compounds were characterized by chemical analysis and IR spectroscopy. The thermal behaviour of the zinc(II) complexes was studied by thermal analysis. Thermal decomposition in the case of hydrated compounds starts with the release of water molecules. Then molecules of organic ligands and the bromobutyrate anion are released and decomposed. CH3CH2CH=O, CO, CH2=CHCH=O, CH2O and ZnBr2 were found as gaseous products of thermal decomposition during heating up to 700°C. IR, mass spectroscopy, X-ray powder diffraction and chemical analysis were used for the determination of solid and gaseous intermediates and products of the thermal decomposition.