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  • 1 Universität Dresden Institut für Anorganische Chemie der Technischen Mommsenstr. 13 D-01062 Dresden Germany Mommsenstr. 13 D-01062 Dresden Germany
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Ternary pure phases in the thermodynamical equilibrium Y2SexO3+2x in the pseudo-binary Y2O3-SeO2 system have been synthesized by solid state reactions and characterized by X-ray powder diffraction, IR spectroscopy and DSC measurements. A new phase Y2Se3.5O10 was found besides the known phases Y2Se4O11, Y2Se3O9 and Y2SeO5. The thermal decomposition properties of the compounds have been determined by total pressure measurements and their thermodynamics data have been derived from their decomposition functions and Cp values. The phase diagram and the phase barogram have been established.