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  • 1 Wuhan University College of Life Sciences Wuhan 430072 Wuhan 430072
  • 2 Wuhan University Department of Chemistry, College of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences Wuhan 430072 P. R. China Wuhan 430072 P. R. China
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The thermogenic curves of the aerobic metabolism of the three strains of Bacillus thuringiensisB.t. A, B.t. B and B.t. C have been determined by using an LKB-2277 BioActivity Monitor. B.t. A was the host bacterium without foreign gene. B.t. B and B.t. C were constructed by transforming different foreign genes into the host B.t. A, respectively. B.t. B expressed erythromycin resistant gene, while B.t. C expressed both erythromycin resistant gene and tyrosinase gene. The heat flow rate of these strains is B.t. A> B.t. B >B.t. C. These results indicated that there is obvious interrelation between expression of foreign genes and heat flow rate of B.t. strains.