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  • 1 ENSIA Laboratoire de Biophysique des Matériaux Alimentaires F-91 744 Massy France F-91 744 Massy France
  • 2 Nestlé Product Technology Center Beauvais Z.I. n°2, Rue Charles Tellier F-60000 Beauvais France Beauvais Z.I. n°2, Rue Charles Tellier F-60000 Beauvais France
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Crystallization of fat droplets in complex emulsions, which differed only by the initial structure of proteins, was studied by differential scanning calorimetry, before and after application of a whipping process. Upon cooling at 5 or 1°C min–1, the temperature needed to initiate fat crystallization was lower, and one more distinguishable crystallization peak was detected in emulsions containing caseins, in comparison with the emulsion containing pure whey proteins. Furthermore, the whipping process was accompanied by more protein depletion from the fat droplet surface, less resistance to coalescence, and a lower supercooling effect in the emulsion based on pure whey proteins.

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