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  • 1 Nizhny Novgorod State University Chemistry Institute Nizhny Novgorod Russia Nizhny Novgorod Russia
  • 2 Moscow State University Moscow Chemistry Department Russia Russia
  • 3 Institute of Synthetic Polymer Materials of Ras Moscow Russia Russia
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The thermodynamic properties of carbosilane dendrimer of second generation with terminal methoxyundecylene groups were studied between 6 and 340 K by adiabatic vacuum calorimetry: the temperature dependence of the molar heat capacity Cp 0 was measured, the physical transformations were established and their thermodynamic characteristics were obtained. The experimental data were used to calculate the thermodynamic functions Cp 0 (T), H 0(T)-H 0(0), S0(T), G 0(T)-H 0(0) of the compound in the range 0 to 340 K. from the relation Cp 0 (T) the fractal dimension of the dendrimer was experimentally determined. The heat capacity of the dendrimer was compared with the corresponding additive values calculated from the properties of its constituents - a dendritic matrix (carbosilane dendrimer of second generation) and the corresponding amount of moles of methyl ester of 11-(tetramethyldisiloxy)undecanoic acid serving as terminal groups.

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