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A microcalorimetric technique was used to evaluate the influence of La3+ on mitochondria isolated from the liver tissue of Avian chicken. By means of LKB-2277 bioactivity monitor, ampoule method at 37C, we obtained the thermogenic curves of the metabolism of mitochondria. After isolation from the chicken liver tissue, mitochondria still have metabolic activity and can live for a long time depending on the stored nutrients. In order to analyze the results, the maximum power (Pm) and the decline rate constants (kd) were obtained. The addition of La3+ results in an increase of the maximum heat production and decline rate constants. Furthermore, values of Pm and kd are linked to the concentration of La3+. According to the thermogenic curves under different conditions, it is clear that metabolic mechanism of mitochondria has been changed with the addition of La3+.

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