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  • 1 Huazhong University of Science and Technology Department of Chemistry Wuhan 430074 China Wuhan 430074 China
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Ultrahigh molecular mass polyethylene (UHMMPE) is filled with carbon nano-tubes (CNTs) by solution in the presence of maleic anhydride grafted styrene-(ethylene-co-butylene)-styrene copolymer (MA-SEBS) as a compatibilizer. The UHMMPE/CNT composites crystallized from melt were prepared at a cooling rate of 20C min-1. The melting and crystallization behaviors of UHMMPE/ CNT composites were investigated by differential scanning calorimetry. The results showed that onset melting temperature (Tm) and degree of crystallinity (Xc) of UHMMPE/CNT composites crystallized from solution are higher than those from melt due to the larger crystalline lamellar thickness. The onset crystallization temperature (Tc) of UHMMPE/CNT composites tends to shift to higher temperature region with increasing CNT content in the composites. Tm and Tc of UHMMPE phase in UHMMPE/CNT composites decrease with the addition of MA-SEBS. Moreover, the crystallization rate of UHMMPE phase in UHMMPE/CNT composite is increased due to the introduction of CNTs. MA-SEBS acts as compatilizer, enhances the dispersion of CNTs in the UHMMPE matrix. Thereby, the crystallization rate of UHMMPE phase in UHMMPE/CNT composite is further increased with the addition of MA-SEBS.

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