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  • 1 University of Science and Technology Hefei State Key Laboratory of Fire Science Anhui 230026 China Anhui 230026 China
  • | 2 National Research Institute of Fire and Disaster Mitaka Tokyo 181-8633 Japan Tokyo 181-8633 Japan
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In this paper, several small-scale screening test methods were discussed on evaluating the thermal hazard of reactive substances. Generally the sensitivities of DSC and ARC are not high enough to evaluate the thermal hazards for all reactive substance, especially, for those of complex reactions containing a phase and/or chemical reaction mechanism change in the lower temperature range. Using the C80, however, the reaction can easily be detected in the lower temperature range due to its high sensitivity. Therefore, the C80 gives generally more accurate results than DSC and ARC. Data from C80 and Dewar vessel were compared and it indicates that the Dewar vessel has also high enough sensitivity to evaluate the thermal hazard and determine the heat flux in lower temperature range of reactive substances.