Authors: Z. Nan 1 and Z. Tan 2
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  • 1 Qufu Normal University Qufu Department of Chemistry Shandong 273165 P. R. China Shandong 273165 P. R. China
  • | 2 Chinese Academy of Sciences Dalian 116023 P. R. China 116023 P. R. China
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The low-temperature heat capacities of cyclohexane were measured in the temperature range from 78 to 350 K by means of an automatic adiabatic calorimeter equipped with a new sample container adapted to measure heat capacities of liquids. The sample container was described in detail. The performance of this calorimetric apparatus was evaluated by heat capacity measurements on water. The deviations of experimental heat capacities from the corresponding smoothed values lie within 0.3%, while the inaccuracy is within 0.4%, compared with the reference data in the whole experimental temperature range. Two kinds of phase transitions were found at 186.065 and 279.684 K corresponding solid-solid and solid-liquid phase transitions, respectively. The entropy and enthalpy of the phase transition, as well as the thermodynamic functions {H(T)-H298.15 K} and {S(T)-S298.15 K}, were derived from the heat capacity data. The mass fraction purity of cyclohexane sample used in the present calorimetric study was determined to be 99.9965% by fraction melting approach.